Developed by Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh as a way to explore and expand the experience of creating theatre beyond the walls of the traditional studio-based methodology.

In essence The ZENDEH Method lays out a collaborative theatre creation process of experimentation, making, and touring that involves all the members of the creative and technical team, and the audience in the delivery of new work.

The ZENDEH Method is a seven stage process of making work:

1. Blue Sky
Taking a Child-Like Approach to Unleashing the Imagination

2. Research and Development Laboratory
Exploring Performance Vocabularies Across Storytelling Methodologies

3. Work in Progress
A Mid Point in Script Development

4. ZENDEH Award
Championing Progressive Participatory Practice.

5. Produce
Production Process and Rehearsals

6. Tour
Residency Approach to Touring High Quality, Small Scale Theatre

7. Evaluate
Reflective and Reflexive Evaluation and Learning Sharing Good Practice