It’s time to open up our communication with you. The WE ARE ZENDEH membership scheme will allow, those that want it, more access to the world and inner workings of ZENDEH. WE ARE ZENDEH members will receive exclusive benefits, as well as the opportunity to offer freelancers a helping hand.

WE ARE ZENDEH Members will receive:
» ZENDEH’s quarterly newsletter: The Postcard
» Exclusive event invitations
» Access to ZENDEH’s artistic programme
» A ZENDEH membership badge
» Advanced tour and workshop dates
» Access to ticket deals and competitions

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In order to get to where we want to in life, we are often given a helping hand. We know this has been the case for us, so for the year 2017/18 we have decided to expand our training and coaching services to freelancers. We cannot achieve this without your generosity. All donations, made through the WE ARE ZENDEH membership scheme, will be put towards scheme management and the training, coaching and development sessions for freelancers.

For more information about the scheme read and to sign up follow this link:
WE ARE ZENDEH Explained.

If you would like to know more about the programme please read our Freelance Support Programme guide, freelancers who would like to sign up to the programme can complete the form on that page.

"Working with Nazli was a complete joy. Having access to her experience, wisdom and nous for this concentrated period of time felt like a true luxury resource." Sarah Bird, Freelance Fundraising Consultant (Session delivered on 15 July 2016)

To celebrate the scheme’s launch, ZENDEH would like you to decide what to pay for your first month of membership. To begin your months subscription please fill out this form. For more information please contact: