Below are a selection of past shows and some reviews we have received. Our most recent work can be found on their own pages on the dropdown above.

We have plans for productions for the next six years; our next show after CINEMA, will be TRANSIT, which explores the story of two people who meet in an airport lounge, and PETRICHOR, which looks at the creation of borders.


Created by Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh and Nadia Iftkhar

FOUND explores the places and times when we find ourselves at our most vulnerable, feel truly lost and then experience the wonder of being found.

"Reminiscent in some ways of the work of Pina Bausch and of some European (particularly Easter European) physical theatre, it uses text, dance, music, digital projection, soundscape and mise-en-scene to communicate with the audience, producing some beautiful visual and auditory moments."
British Theatre Guide

"A really moving piece, with an ambiance of surreal fragility - which to me more than any other theatre piece really showed the actors' and writers' craft at its best."
Tony Panayiotou, Director, Diversity, Arts Council England


Created by Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh
Written by Steven Gaythorpe

SILK began as thread of an idea whilst the Artistic Director was working internationally between the UK and Iran, it was the crossing of borders and her childhood delight in tales told late into the night that ignited the idea.

"Enchanting tale is pure escapism ... A brave new world of mixed-up genres ... an incredible journey ... super show ..."
Evening Chronicle


by Nazli Tabatabai

Paper Dolls was a visually engaging promenade performance that took the audience on a journey through passageways, down corridors and into small rooms-but all within the one space. The audience experienced stories and had secrets shared with them as they dwelled and traveled through the spaces.

"a strangely dreamlike, even mesmerising experience... A fascinating piece!"
British Theatre Guide


by Nazli Tabatabai

KHAKI, delivered in both Farsi and English, points a spotlight on a surreal world of fanatics and moderates from an Iranian female viewpoint layered with wit and passion.

"stylistically beautiful, linguistically passionate and surprisingly witty."
Scottish Theatre Web