Our commitment
» To make a positive and sustainable contribution to the communities and places where we work.
» We are committed to taking care of the environments that we work in and to working creatively and imaginatively with our partners share and make maximum use of the limited resources that we have.
» From 2013-2018 ZENDEH will take proactive steps in aiming to make environmental sustainability intrinsic to the business, art and ethics of our creative organization.
» We will involve and communicate to all staff, associates, artists, stakeholders, venues, collaborators and participants in our efforts to reduce our environmental impact.
» We would also aim to instill this in others and support to integrate environmental and sustainable ethics into the core of arts and community practice in the region.

To deliver this objective ZENDEH will aim to meet the following action plan looking at following impact areas:
» Sharing and recycling
» Procurement
» Energy usage
» Travel and transport
» Partnerships
» Wellbeing

ZENDEH are proud to have their office located within Dance City, Newcastle. This venue is currently a 2013 Industry Green star 1 (IG) rating venue. Dance City is one of over 47 Industry Green certified organisations, and as such forms part of a collaborative sector-wide response to climate change and environmental sustainability.



ZENDEH is committed to the principle and practice of equality and will ensure that all job applicants; employees; volunteers; participants; customers and colleagues are not discriminated against on any grounds.

This equal opportunities policy will be implemented across all aspects of ZENDEH's work. Please also see ZENDEH's Equality Action Plan.

» ZENDEH aims to ensure that no job applicant, employee or volunteer receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, religion, ethnic or national origin, age, gender, politics, social and economic background, part-time employment, age, trade union activity, employment status, HIV status or gender reassignment or marital/civil status, pregnancy and maternity, sexual orientation or disability (mental and/or physical).

» Selection criteria and procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure that individuals are treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities.

» All workers will be given equal opportunity and access to training to enable them to progress both within and outside the organisation. This organisation is committed to a programme of action to make this policy effective and will bring it to the attention of all workers.

» This Policy applies to advertisement of jobs, recruitment and appointment, training, conditions of work, pay and every aspect of employment.

» ZENDEH will aim to ensure that its board are representative of the community it represents and the diversity of the organisation. The Board will be responsible for ensuring that the equal opportunities policy is properly implemented, monitored and reviewed.

» Employees of, freelancers and volunteers working with the organisation will be informed of the equal opportunities policy and receive training on equal opportunities issues as appropriate. Conditions of service will, where appropriate, provide for consideration of flexible working; any reasonable adjustments needed to enable staff to carry out their roles; and family friendly policies.

» ZENDEH will also ensure that the changing and developing needs of staff and volunteers are recognised and appropriate adjustments made to working conditions and/or training provided, where necessary.

» ZENDEH operates disciplinary, grievance or complaints procedures, details of which are given in the staff handbook.

» Further details on equal opportunity employment procedures can be found in the Staff Handbook.

» Safeguarding: The welfare of the child/young person and adult at risk is paramount. ZENDEH endeavours to create the safest and most comfortable working and participatory environment for its diverse workforce, governance, volunteers, participants, audience and associates.

Appointments will therefore be as open as possible but will be also linked efficiently to risk rating. Dependent on nature of service two references and a copy or confirmation or your DBS clearance will be asked from ZENDEH to be seen and checked for safeguarding purposes. A risk-assessment will be conducted to assess the level of engagement by ZENDEH in relevance to the nature of the work undertaken. All sub-contractors will also have to provide relevant documentation and undergo assessments.

» ZENDEH endeavours to create the safest and confortable working environment for its diverse workforce, volunteers and associates.

» ZENDEH aims to make its Art, services and programmes accessible to as wide a range of the public as possible and in order to achieve this will take steps to remove barriers which prevent potential audience, participants, members and users from having equal access to the organisation's activities.


Equality Act 2010
The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006
The Civil Partnership Act 2004
The Employment Equality Regulations 2003
Race Relations Act, 1976
Sex Discrimination Act, 1975
Equal Pay Act 1975, (Amended 1985)
Disability Discrimination Act, 1995
Protection From Harassment Act, 1997
Rehabilitation Of Offenders Act, 1974