PETRICHOR is a love story.

It’s about you, it’s about me, it’s about the people we know and those yet to meet. It’s about the people that we have loved, do love and will love; and asks how do we stay in love?

PETRICHOR is an original contemporary myth; exploring humanity, gender and sexualities. It’s about borders drawn and redrawn. It’s about scent, it’s about the senses.

ZENDEH is a theatre company that makes new work through new writing; by an internationally developed method of experimentation, collaboration and wide-ranging conversations about identities, power and politics.


Imagine there was a time when there were no borders, except the border between the clouds and the earth, and imagine that the clouds and the earth had loved one another since the very first day, but they could never touch.

The sky wept because it could not touch the earth. And where the raindrop tears fell on the earth’s dry soil a scent, a petrichor, was created. From that new element emerged two new creatures. They called themselves Saffron Rain and Indigo Soil. The first of their kind, not human, but in human form, cursed to live forever.

Every time they meet, they fall in love. As time passes, the world changes, they change; swapping genders, exploring new identities, exploiting their power. Their world collapses, they drift apart, it’s over. But they are unable to live without the other, they get back together. The world continues to change, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for ever and ever, until they become stardust.

How do you stay in love forever?

"Whenever your lips touch my flesh, or mine touch yours, it’s like petrichor, the smell of rain meeting dry soil, the creation of something new: can we call it love?"

This is Pearl...

Pearl is the live-in housekeeper for Saffron and Indigo, the main protagonists of PETRICHOR.

Pearl went to The Curious Art Festival in early July 2017, the North East's only LGBTQ+ Festival. She talked about love, and the story of our play, and was adored by every one in the audience.

"The most important type of love, in my opinion, is love of self, and I’m not just talking about masturbation. I’m talking about falling in love with yourself, in the way Romeo fell in love with Juliet... or the way Bogart fell in love with Bacall ... or the way the clouds fell in love with the earth.

If you can’t do that, how are you going to be able to love someone in the way they deserve?"


May to July 2018.