WE ARE ZENDEH Membership Explained

Motivation: It’s time to open up the communication between ZENDEH and its audience. The scheme will allow, those that want it, more access to the world and inner workings of ZENDEH. In turn we will have more insight into its audience members, helping us to expand our research and development process - The ZENDEH Method.

Donation: We ask for a small fee, which will go towards the management of the scheme and to help us develop our coaching and training services - which go beyond our facility as a NPO funded theatre company. Anyone who would like to become a member can sign up quickly and easily on the ZENDEH website. For the first month we are offering our audience a taste of membership. For this month the fee will be pay what you decide, with no minimum donation. Once this trial month is over our members will be asked if they would like to sign up to an annual subscription.

Freelancers project: For the year 2017/18 we have decided to expand our training and coaching services to freelancers. We will provide an event which will bring freelancers together to collaborate and use each other’s ideas and creativity. Within this event they will be given the opportunity to sign up to further one to ones or small group sessions which will explore areas such as admin, self promotion, employability skills and so much more. Freelancers will be able to sign up to the programme through the ZENDEH website.

All members will receive the following goodies:
» Access to the quarterly ZENDEH Postcard
» Access to updates on upcoming projects within the artistic programme
» A ZENDEH badge
» Invitations to exclusive events
» Access to ticket/workshop deals and competitions
» The satisfaction of helping ZENDEH expand outside its realm as a theatre company to better serve the wider community

ZENDEH Promise: WE ARE ZENDEH membership will always have the member at its core. We will reach out to our members on a regular basis. The scheme will not drop off the map: if you have made a contribution towards our WE ARE ZENDEH project, all benefits promised in subscriptions will be adhered to.