Set in Durham and Tehran, HEART tells the story of an Iranian woman and the two men in her life, an English Academic and a Syrian Poet, and the love they experience against the backdrop of the American and British sponsored 28 Mordad Coup d'Etat of 1953.

HEART toured in Spring 2014 and was developed with support from Northern Stage and Ovalhouse.


"At ZENDEH we are thrilled to be sharing with you our 10th birthday celebrations with a national tour of our current show HEART. It is brilliant to be collaborating with such talented people who make rehearsals an explosive mix of delight, desire and politics. We began research on HEART at Northern Stage in June last year followed by a development commission from Ovalhouse in London."
Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh
Artistic Director (CEO)


1st - 3rd April, Northern Stage, Newcastle
10th April, Washington Arts Centre
15th April, Middlesborough Theatre
16th April, Berwick Maltings Theatre and Cinema
17th April, Queen's Hall Arts Centre, Hexham
22nd May, The Lowry, Salford Quays
23rd + 24th May, Tron Theatre, Glasgow
28th May, Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock
29th + 30th May, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
3rd - 7th June, Ovalhouse, London


Director: Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh
Writer: Steven Gaythorpe
Dramaturg: Ben Ayrton
Choreographer: Katie Armstrong
Sound / Music: Ed Carter
Designer: Hannah Roche
Lighting Designer: Louise Gregory
Production Manager: Stacey Choudhury-Potter
Theatre Associate: Christina Berriman-Dawson
Leili: Serena Manteghi
Kais: Tarrick Benham
Arthur: Matt Jamie
BBC Announcer: Nicholas Baumfield

Thanks to Dr and Mrs Tabatabai-Khatamabakhsh, Rebecca Ball, Abby Forbes, Sian Patterson, Mariam Rezaei, Vici Wreford-Sinnott of Little Cogs, Gez Casey, Sheila Stokes White, Marita Grimwood, Padma Rao, Joan Louw, Jaheda Choudhury-Potter, George Williams, Mark Calvert, Lorne Campbell and the staff of Northern Stage, Rachel and Rebecca and the staff of Ovalhouse, Benji Reid of MARS, Rachel Evans, Jo Burke, Adam Cooper, Arts Council England, Quilliams, Fentimans and Tea Pigs.