ZENDEH Freelancer Programme 2017/18

As part of the WE ARE ZENDEH membership scheme, ZENDEH are delighted to be able to expand our coaching and training services to be able to offer help and guidance to freelancers. Freelancers will be able to draw on ZENDEH’s team member’s wealth of experience to help them progress into the career they have dreamt of.

To kick of this programme ZENDEH will be holding an event in May 2017 - this event will bring freelancers together, allowing them to network and collaborate. Often freelancers do not get the opportunity to work and share ideas with like minded individuals. ZENDEH would like to create the space to make this happen.

Within this event freelancers will be able to sign up to 1:1 and/or small group sessions which will cover topics such as:
» Presentation/interview skills
» Pitching
» Exploring your artistic practice
» Transitioning from employed to self employed
» Leadership/management skills
» Budget support
» Dramatology
» Setting rates of pay and negotiating contracts
» Professional development

ZENDEH are very happy to tailor these sessions to individual needs and would love to hear if you have your own agenda/focus point for a session.

If you would like to sign up as a freelancer please fill out the form on the membership page of our website. If you would like to support this scheme then it would be great to see you become a member of WE ARE ZENDEH. If you have any questions please email or phone 0191 269 5579.